Therapeutical - Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a treatment method called supplementary agreement with the new terminology of the WHO - World Health Organization.1
2Acupuncture is defined by adding the Latin words Acc (meaning needle) and Punctum (prick or puncture).  The literal translation of the Chinese, however, is quite different. The correct thing Zhen (needle) and Jiu (moxibustion).  Moxa or Mogusam (term of Japanese origin) is made from the dried leaves of the plant Artemisia sinensis, used in moxibustion available in the form of a cone, stick or wool. As the action of the needle may interfere with the energy of the meridian, the use of heat therapy provided by moxa on the skin can result in sensations perceived on energy in the meridians. 
It is actually an improper translation that gives the impression that the therapist only works with needles. The points and meridians may also be stimulated by other types of energy (heat of moxa), electrical (electrical stimulation and laser or similar), mechanical (Chillán or friction), or any power of therapeutic characteristics according to the Medical Traditional Chinese and the case is indicated.


Researchers in China and other countries have struggled to define just how beneficial the use of acupuncture among other techniques that provide aggregate well-being and longevity through scientific methods, however, one must understand that acupuncture works on energy is not always possible be measured by Cartesian methods. Make use of acupuncture without knowing the philosophical and theoretical principles of traditional Chinese medicine is how to use of antibiotics without knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pharmacology of the Western point of view. Currently is developing a knowledge of household 
Traditionally the way "Western" to see things, as when treating humans or animals (veterinary) should be aware of the body to be treated at that time, when the discovery of these techniques, occasionally the "therapist" had only access to the extremities as wrist and ankle.

4 Currently in Brazil there is an extensive discussion of a policy on whether this practice but this profession is not regulated and in the meantime, many health professionals such as Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Doctors, Biomedical, psychologists, etc., has a specialty governed by their advice professionals at the federal level thus providing greater security to the User. What not to say that other professionals can not carry 
these therapies, after all, the Chinese therapists when they came to Brazil, barely spoke Portuguese and yet have succeeded to the treatment of 
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