Therapeutical - Shiatsu

02 Shiatsu - Japanese massage is created in the late Meiji era (1868), from the resources of pressure and vibration of the art Japanese Anma, which in turn results from the Do-in (Self Massage) Chinese. The Japanese word Shiatsu means pressure (Atsu) with fingers ( "Shi"). 
Shiatsu is one of the branches of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) working pressure with the fingers (like a massage) over the energy channels of the body (meridians) and balancing the flow of vital energy ( "Ki") . Also operating in this energy flow in the Do-in, acupuncture, the Anma, among other therapies. 
Shiatsu is strongly recommended against spinal problems, stress, insomnia, problems with functional impairment of organs such as kidney disease, problems with evacuation and even a simple burning stomach, psychosomatic problems such as depression, low self-esteem, and a multitude of other things. 
Shiatsu is not recommended for fevers, infections, contagious diseases, fractures, Varis, cancer without treatment. Should be used judiciously in the first three months of pregnancy, since there are pressure points (tsubo) are contraindicated for pregnant women.



The flow of vital energy is made through channels in the human body, known as "meridians." In some places this power may be interrupted by some disturbance, and their disturbed flow, generating situations of excess energy ki ( "Jitsu") before the tsubo and energy deficiency ( "Kyo") after the period. In Shiatsu the tsubo are pressured to normalize the flow of ki energy. A meridian is excess energy ki, ie, whether Jitsu, normally present tense and painful, as the meridian lack energy ki, ie, that is Kyo, it is painless and has noticed a pain to play nice it, since thus stimulates the energy flow. Thus, the Shiatsu which balance the meridians Jitsu and Kyo, normalizing the flow of ki energy. 

When balance and normalize the flow of ki, provides to the body conditions of functioning. The illnesses were caused by the imbalance in the flow of ki. Thus, attempts to cure diseases by stopping the state of imbalance of ki.


Shiatsu3From the knowledge of traditional Chinese know that the flow of energy in the body following paths defined by channels, similar to blood in the veins and arteries. 
The energy channel runs through the body, from head to toe, back and forth. This channel has segments, called meridians. There are twelve main meridians existing symmetrically on both sides of the body. There are also two extra meridians, or shops, which run along the axis of the body (one in front and another behind the body).

Shiatsu4 Each meridian is related to certain features organic, psychological or emotional. Although identified by the name of the organ or function to which it relates, not only affects only one organ. 
The twelve main meridians are: 

* Lungs 
* Pericardium / Circulation-Sex 
* Heart 
* Small Intestine 
* Triple-Burner 
* Intestine 
* Spleen 
* Liver 
* Kidneys 
* Bladder 
* Gallbladder 
* Stomach

010 The meridians are the extra-channel design on the front of the body and the Governor Vessel on the back of the body.

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