Who am I

Dr. Fabrício T. Escudine
Born on July 25, 1972
Resident in Jacarepaguá. Rio of January. RJ
Formed in: Physiotherapy with specialization in Acupuncture
Professional dedicated persevering for good results and diligent in reaching the satisfaction and their customers' well-being, their friends and family.

What do i do

Now working with Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, Quiropraxia, Osteopathy, Reiki, Shiatsu, Spiral Taping, Corporal Manipulation tends in view the improvement of the Quality of my customer's life.

Where i've been

He worked in several physiotherapy centers acquiring experience in all the branches of the same. Preferentially he acquired larger taste for the corporal and energy manipulations, tends in his/her view experience in the branch of the martial arts and Chinese medicine.
Because of having worked in lacking places of physical and human material, it absorbed priceless values of the point of view of "knowing to hear" and it takes get the hope of solving to the most difficult of the problems...
Voluntary works and courses in administration area and administration are part of his curriculum tends in view that you are matters that don't become trained at the university.
He was at trauma-orthopedics (Fluminense Association of Rehabilitation) clinics as well as in hospitals of medium load and great load (Good Shepherd and San Francisco of Assis respectively). It was at clinic of infantile rehabilitation where he learned how to work with special children and their families, taking more hope and life quality for those people.
It was inserted in companies of great load as Rede Globo, Embratel, Tribunal of Justice of Rio de Janeiro, Intelig, Brazil Center, etc, participating in programs of life quality providing physical-mental health to the employees that had access to his work.

Academic works

Author of a work, in editorial business phase, that was born in the master’s degree and it already possesses authorial registration and that he is available for download in the link goods among others. It participated in several seminars and Congress and it is part of faculty of Schools of Acupuncture in Rio de Janeiro, Niterói, Brasília and São Paulo.
It is part of the National Association of Quiropraxia (ANQ. as effective member since 2005 tends in view that is the only association capable to represent "Chiropractor Doctor" in national territory as well as osteopathy. It is effective member also of the technical Camera of Acupuncture of Crefito 2nd area since May of 2008, being involved in the fights by the rights and duties of the professionals that work with this specialty in Rio and Espírito Santo.

Where do you find me

Now working in Top Fisio, telephone (21) 2610-1629 or (21) 7832-8855 in the Street Minister Otávio Kelly, no. 297. in Icaraí or in the Brazilian Center of Chinese Medicine and Clinical Acupuncture in the Moreira César Street, 229/sl. 1420 always on Fridays.
They can mark his consultation directly with me for the telephones (21) 7834-2658 / id 23*45774 for service in the clinics or to home and for larger information.

Summarized Curriculum (Graduation)

Academic formation
Brazilian institute of Medicine of Rehabilitation. Julho/2000
Masters degree in Acupuncture
Society Pestalozzi of Rio de Janeiro. Beginning in Fevereiro/2002

Professional experience
• Whs Physiotherapy Ltd. Physiotherapist Period: Fev/2003. Fev/2008.
• Shelter Cristo Redentor Period: Jul/2001. Nov/2003.
• House of your Friendship Rotary Males of Niterói Voluntary work Period: Mai/2001. Nov/2003.
• Toesa Service Ltd. Supervisor of the service of "Home_Care" Period: Set/2001. Fev/2002.
• Hospital School of UFRJ. San Francisco of Assis Physiotherapy Period: Jan/1997. Mai/1997
• Hospital SICOR (I enclose to the Hospital Good Evangelical Shepherd) Physiotherapy Period: Fev/1999. Mai/1999

Courses, Congress and Seminars

• Pity-in and Bases of the Chinese Medicine. Alternatives and Resources - 1990
• Chiropractics. Alternatives and Resources - 1990
• Chiropractics (Module II). Center of Alternative Sciences Oreste Pedrazolli (São Paulo) - 1990
• Shiatsu (Módulo I & II). Center of Alternative Sciences Oreste Pedrazolli (São Paulo) - 1990
• Medicinal plants and phitopreparations . Center of Alternative Sciences Oreste Pedrazolli (São Paulo) - 1990
• Cultural weeks & Encounters of Former-students in IBMR since 1994 to today
• FisioRio accomplished in 1996 in CCS. UFRJ
• Mediator of the patient's Lecture Neurological "Evolutions Hemiplegic". IBMR. 1997
• Integral of the Round Table on "THE Professional Market for the New Physiotherapists" in XXIII Cultural
Week of IBMR - 1997
• Participation of the Project "Education and Health to the reach of all" in IBMR (close to the lacking Community) - 1997
• Neurological themes in IBMR - 1998
• Neurological reorganization in IBMR. 2000
• I Scientific Day of the Fluminense Association of Rehabilitation (Participant and Presentation of Panel) - 2000
• Surgical "reconstruction and Microcirurgics of the Superior Members. the Physiotherapist's Importance in the Interdisciplinary approach" in the I Scientific Day of AFR. 2000
• VIII Scientific Day of Physiotherapy and Occupational therapy of Crefito-2. 2000
• I Encounter of Former-students of Neurosciences of IBMR. 2000
• II Seminar of Physiotherapy of the Municipal City hall of Rio de Janeiro. 2000
• I "Symposium on Lateral Sclerosis Amyotrophic. Recent Progresses". UFRJ. 2000
• I Heart Rehabilitation of the Center of Studies of the Hospital Procordis. 2001
• I Basic Biostatistics of the Center of Studies of the Hospital Procordis. 2001
• 17th Scientific Day of the Pró-heart Hospital. 2001
• II Scientific Day of the Fluminense Association of Rehabilitation. 2002
• Protetization accomplished during to II Scientific Day of AFR. 2002
• IX National Congress of Acupuncture and Moxa. 2002
• I Niteroi´s Congress of Chinese Traditional Therapy. 2002
• 6th International Congress of Acupuncture and Oriental Therapies and 4th Brazilian Symposium of Chi Kung of SATOSP. 2003
• Speaker of SIPAT Embratel under the theme: SHIATSU. 2003
• Municipal conference of Health as Delegated Crefito 2. Niterói. 2003
• X Scientific Day of Crefito 2. 2003
• Auriculotherapy. teacher Allan Pontes. 2003
• Lecture on Profession (Physiotherapy. Acupuncture Specialist). School Adalgisa Monteiro. 2004
• I Forum of Crefito-2. 2004
• Speaker in the 1st Congress Scientific Brazilian of Rehabilitation of Pestalozzi university. Theme: The evaluation’s importance of the Pulse and Language for the Diagnosis under the point of view of the Chinese Traditional Medicine. 2004
• IV Course of Biossecurity of the State General office of Health of Rio de Janeiro. 2004
• Reiki levels I, II and III. 2004
• 1st Seminar of Physiotherapy and Occupational therapy of ALERJ. 2004
• Aesthetic acupuncture. teacher Alex Santos. 2004
• 2nd Seminar of Physiotherapy and Occupational therapy of ALERJ. 2005
• Chiropraxis (400h/aula). IBRAQUI. 2005
• Appraiser of Monographs related to the Acupuncture. Themes: "Treatment of Pain in the dysfunction Temporary-mandible for Auriculotherapy Chinese"; "Cronoacupuncture in the Treatment of Lumbar Pain". 2005
• Adopted the National Association of Quiropraxis since 2005. in day with their obligations
• Speaker 24th SIPAT Tv Globo. 2005
• Speaker 25th SIPAT Tv Globo. 2006
• Spiral Taping Basic I, II and Intermediary I. 2004/2006
• Auriculotherapy. School Huang Li Chung. Teacher Roberta Blanco. 2006
• Speaker of the 2nd National Congress of Quiropraxis. Theme: "Treating of the Evils of the Body with Quiropraxia and Chinese Medicine". 2006
• XII National Congress of Acupuncture and Moxabustão. NOV/2007
• IV Niteroi’s Congress of Chinese Traditional Therapy. NOV/2007
• Phitotherapy Chinese and Brazilian Medicinal Plants. NOV/2007
• Abdominal acupuncture. NOV/2007
• CronoAcupuntura. NOV/2007
• Scientific methodology Crefito 2/RJ. SET 2007/2008
• Advanced techniques Miofascials and of Acupuncture. Spinal Research Institute. MAR/2008
• Pilates Physiotherapist. Physio Studio Institute. OUT/2008
• Organizer and Mediator of  Iº Seminar of Acupuncture of the Technical Camera of Crefito2. NOV/2008

Extra-Curricular Activities ( Beyond Graduation )

• Effective member of the Technical Camera of Crefito 2/RJ since 2008
• Regular teacher of the Brazilian Center of Chinese Traditional Medicine and Clinical Acupuncture. Masters degree in Acupuncture since 2005
• Regular teacher of the Pestalozzi Association of Niterói. ESEHA. Masters degree in Acupuncture since 2004
• Regular teacher of the School Physio-Acupuncture in Brasília. Masters degree in Acupuncture since 2004
• Former-monitor of Anatomy. Approved in 4th place. IBMR/1994


  • Fluent Technical English