My History

Dr. Fabrício T. Escudine

Born in Rio of January, in the Hospital of the Pond in the year of 1972, it was created by his father Antonio T. Escudine, his mother Alda T. Escudine (1935-1996) and his sister Cláudia Escudine of Morais that today lives together with her husband the Mr. José Hidelbrando R. of Morais and their children Filipi Escudine of Morais and Raíssa Escudine of Morais.

The youth Fabrício had childhood marked by rigidity in the studies. Originating from the School Pedro II that still today is known by being a traditional and federal school, but that even in spite of public and to have their difficulties preserves the quality in the teaching of his students. During his school life, he had access to the philosophy disciplines, artistic drawing, physical education, latin, french, among other as mathematics and physics, but the one that more attracted his attention was the biological sciences.

Accustomed during his/her childhood for the conviviality with Japanese friends and apprentice of Judo and Aikido from youth, he learned how to have discipline, to be certain to conquer their values through ethical attributes and of indubitable character in what concerns his willpower.

During his Academic period it tumbled to the side of the rehabilitation where traveled the course of Physiotherapy in the Brazilian Institute of Medicine of Rehabilitation, which one of the local best is considered to do an university in the area of health. The high degree of form of his faculty and his dedication turned him a professional respected in his half even before having formed.

He preferred to work with health, because he already had releases experience in the massage therapy branch through Shiatsu, among others. He met the Chinese Medicine early still young, because he/she attended their oriental (Senseis) masters act in way preventive and sometimes healing amid his doctrine in their Japanese friends' family Dojo. Through those experiences, as a curious boy and wanting to know of the things, not only it questioned the "reasons" of that practice as vineyard reading and studying to know better in the theory that was already accompanying in practice. On that time, he already made idea of the one that intended choose as road. It was influenced by the Buddhist doctrine, but still no apprentice for being originating from family of Portuguese and Italian orthodox of the Catholic Church.

He tried other religions but he was in practice Buddhist thanks to an abbreviation introduction of his friend Simone Medeiros that taught him the mantra of the cause-effect law "Nam-myoho-rengue-Kyo."

Knowing several people, trying feelings along his learning in the area of health was persevering and it jumped over each small step as if it was a long distance. It always developed their techniques and their concepts on the life and the human being with respect and responsibility.

Dedicated to his/her work and the well-being of their close ones want him a great hug and that all can enjoy with a lot of affection of my site that is dedicated to all without distinction.

Arigatô Gozaimashita.
Dc. Fabrício Teixeira Escudine
Physioherapist – Acupuncture Specialist
Crefito 36214F